My Three Months Inside the Covid-19 Epicenter

Monday, June 8, 2020

Photo Credit: Malike Sidibe for TIME

Black Life, Blue Wall, White Reckoning

Today marked the 13th consecutive Monday that I worked from home, my son’s 26th Taekwondo class in our living room, and exactly 100 days since the first Covid-19 case was diagnosed in New York. Those of us lucky enough to still have a job and to be able to perform it remotely have spent the last three months cooped up in our homes that have quadrupled as our office, our kid’s school, and our gym. Paralyzed by fear of the virus and wracked with alarm over our 401(k)’s spiral, we didn’t think things could get much…

The headlines and think pieces swirl and you can’t retweet fast enough because you are desperately trying to self care yourself through another day in what has been an excruciating week rivaling that of November 9, 2016. Friends triggered, others offering “safe space” for anyone struggling with the media frenzy, while the National Sexual Assault hotline sees a 201% increase in calls on the day of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. Emily’s List, an organization dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic female candidates, sees more donations pour in on the day following her testimony than any in its history. …

Shortly following the 2016 election I was talking with a friend, a fellow “GVP” (Gun Violence Prevention) activist, and she told me that she was drifting from the movement. She felt that, “with everything going on” she needed to step away from the “gun thing” as we had “bigger fish to fry.” The urgency of resisting the coming Trump administration was the priority and the issue of gun violence, while vital and noble, just didn’t feel as critical and as relevant as at other moments.

This conversation took place approximately 160 days after the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting in which…

To Do List of A Woke Liberal in the Age of the Resistance

1. Calculate carbon footprint, vow not to take so many Uber rides and consider maybe possibly but probably not start composting.

2. Check my white privilege and mention my recognition of and outrage over my privilege to my one black friend after nonchalantly asking if they saw that I shared a Black Lives Matter’s post on Facebook.

3. Google debt ceiling…feeling sufficiently informed, tweet mockingly about Trump and my new knowledge about the debt ceiling.

4. Post selfie reading Hillary’s book and declare I’m still with her while ignoring anything she did wrong during the campaign (and things Bernie and…

Sure, the ship is slowly sinking, but they aren’t jumping

At this point, my Facebook feed is a perpetual loop of liberals expressing disgust about Charlottesville and demanding denunciation of all things right-wing from every Trump supporter left on their friends list who is, presumably, hiding under a proverbial rock in shame at their misguided alignment with the alt-right.

Um, no.

I, too, was tempted to beat my progressive chest and challenge “them” to stand up, jump ship, and publicly say they are retroactively “with her.” …


Observations from Inside the Leftist Bubble: Hypocrisy, Ignorance, & Woeful Denialism in the Wake of the 2016 Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Shootings

We Must Do Better.

A quick scroll through my feed over the last few days reveals an overarching and communal surprise, if not shock, and alarm, if not disgust, at the recent, high-profile shootings of two unarmed black men, one in one in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From my own cushiony place of privilege and wokeness inside the leftist bubble, I watched as ally by ally expressed their dismay in such laughable rhetoric as, “what has happened to America?!”, “what has become of our country?!” …

OK, fine. We lost. But, Let the Resistance Begin….

Guys, did you see me on SNL last week? I know you were tuning in for Dave Chappelle and A Tribe Called Quest, but did you recognize me in the election night skit? I was the naive white girl clinging desperately to my #NeverTrump narrative while the math and Van Jones told a different story. You know, the girl who, even when John Podesta told us to go to bed, remained foolishly optimistic that at any moment shattered glass was going to rain down on our country.

How did I get it so wrong?

I did everything right…

Erin Liljedahl DaCosta

I like my legislators on the Left, my pay equal, my yoga hot, and my hubby Jamaican

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